Gamelan decoration

Gamelan decoration

Balinese Gamelan Workshops


A gamelan is a set of bronze metallophones and tuned gongs indigenous to Indonesia, where it is played for temple ceremonies and to accompany dance, drama and shadow puppet plays. There are many different types; ours is from Bali. The music is formed largely of repeating patterns that can be quickly learned and played as a group by most participants regardless of age or musical experience.

Gamelan is great for developing:

  • listening skills
  • group music making
  • composition techniques
  • an understanding of wider cultural studies

Workshops for Key Stages 1 to 5

Workshops are held at LSO St Luke's. Bookings can be made for classes from key stages 1-5 and we can accommodate up to 30 students.

Cost (all prices exclusive of VAT):

1.5hrs £150

3hrs £230

6hrs £440

Gamelan workshops can also be combined with Music Technology workshops.

Combined Gamelan & Remix the Orchestra Workshops - click here for more details.

3hrs £360

6hrs £690

Email for further details.

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