Previn conducting the LSO 1979

Previn conducting the LSO 1979


I’m researching my family history and believe that my grandfather played the violin with the LSO – can you confirm this and tell me when he played with the LSO?

We have an LSO player database which includes all members of the LSO since 1904, so we can tell you if your grandfather was a member, his rank and the dates of his membership. We cannot, however, tell you about those players who were hired in as ‘extras’ or who played regularly with the LSO but were not members.

My favourite LSO LP has worn out – can I buy a CD version of it from you?

Apart from our own record label, LSO Live, we do not sell any recordings from the LSO office. We suggest that you try the Amazon or HMV websites to buy these recordings.

My final year dissertation concerns pre-war concert repertoire, may I come and look at your concert programmes?

You may, of course, come and look at our programmes but an appointment is necessary – please contact the archivist on Alternatively, you can call the archivist on 020 7382 2533 who can print out a list for you between the dates that you require.

I’m clearing out the attic and have found some old LSO programmes and records – can I donate them to the archive?

We are always delighted to receive donations of any material relating to the LSO’s history, photographs are particularly welcome.

I’m writing an article about Claudio Abbado, can you give me any information about his time as Principal Conductor of the LSO?

We can give you a list of all the concerts he conducted which were promoted by the LSO and some tours.

I’ve been trying to find a recording of Classic Rock but it doesn’t seem to be available, how can I find it?

This was a series of recordings of popular songs given classical arrangements which the LSO made in the 1970s. The original recordings are no longer available but it is still possible to buy a compilation album The Best of Classic Rock from

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