Bass trombone Paul Milner coaching young musicians

Bass trombone Paul Milner coaching young musicians

LSO for Everyone

From All Generations & From All Backgrounds

The LSO wants to engage the broadest mix of people in music-making.

Everything and everyone is so easygoing and interactive; no one feels left out
Hetty Vallins, Mother and carer of a member of LSO Create - a club for adults with learning difficulties

2012 alone saw the Orchestra’s appearance at the Olympics and the inaugural BMW LSO Open Air Classics in Trafalgar Square. Both involved LSO On Track young musicians sitting alongside LSO members, demonstrating the Orchestra’s commitment to involving a broad range of individuals in music-making, as well as to diversifying its audiences.

In addition to large-scale public events, the Orchestra strives to provide continuous points of entry and support for everyone to make and enjoy music as part of their daily lives, focusing in particular on members of the local community and those who may not otherwise find their way to classical music and the concert hall.

Every season, LSO musicians make over 60 visits to hospitals, led by Mark Withers and Vanessa King. These involve everything from lullabies for premature babies and their families in neo-natal units, to interactive sessions in children’s wards and hospital classrooms, and playing at individuals’ bedsides to encourage overall wellbeing. LSO Create offers adults with learning disabilities and their carers a monthly space for creative music-making, as well as opportunities to perform publicly. The Orchestra’s extensive Early Years programme offers interactive music workshops for babies, toddlers and their families, as well as local nurseries and children’s centres. New developments this season include a music project with a group of young mothers aged 14 to 18 and their children who may not feel able to attend their local children’s centre or public family events. In addition, projects are being developed with the parents and carers of local school children from a wide range of backgrounds, enabling music to become an integral and transformational aspect of their lives.

To welcome participants to the LSO’s home, our community participants are encouraged to try other events, such as LSO St Luke’s Concerts for Under-5s, Open Rehearsals, Family Concerts at the Barbican, which are recommended by Classic FM; for many, it is their first ever experience in a concert hall. Moreover, the Orchestra consciously works to connect with the community directly around the Barbican and LSO St Luke’s through a network of Community Ambassadors who promote the LSO’s activities and are on hand to answer any questions.

As well as LSO Discovery work, the LSO is, along with hundreds of other arts organisations this year, seeking to consolidate and improve its offerings for families as part of a nationwide engagement campaign. The Family Arts Festival, taking place in October half term, will champion intergenerational arts experiences and promote best practice across the arts in terms of how to make families feel welcome and valued.

Family Highlights

LSO Discovery Lunchtime concerts
Autumn 2013: Russia! 

> Fri 27 Sep 2013
> Fri 11 Oct 2013
> Fri 25 Oct 2013
> Fri 8 Nov 2013

LSO Discovery Family concert

> Sun 27 Oct 2013

Family Backstage Pass: Symphonie Fantastique

> Thu 31 Oct 2013

LSO Discovery Lunchtime concerts
Spring 2014: Music in colour 

> Fri 24 Jan 2014
> Fri 21 Feb 2014
> Fri 7 Mar 2014
> Fri 21 Mar 2014

LSO Discovery Family concert
'The Ultimate Storyteller'  

> Sun 16 Feb 2014

LSO Discovery Lunchtime concerts
Summer 2014: Beethoven and Friends  

> Fri 9 May 2014
> Fri 23 May 2014
> Fri 13 Jun 2014
> Fri 11 Jul 2014

LSO Discovery Family concert
'Trains, Planes and Automobiles' 

> Sun 15 Jun 2014

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13/14 season listings PDF

13/14 season listings PDF

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