Audience in LSO St Luke's

Audience in LSO St Luke's

Your Reviews: Spring/Summer 2011

Black Creek Summer Music Festival - 27 Aug 2011

Shaun Alphonso (BlackCreek Festival Chorus)
My name is Shaun Alphonso and I am writing to say thank you!  I am a young tenor singing in Toronto, Canada and we just completed the BlackCreek Summer Music Festival yesterday with Beethoven's 9th. As I am a very young singer, I haven't had the opportunity to work in large venues.  I was completely blown away by the professionalism and the talent and the vibrant energy of the LSO.  I'm sure all of the other singers feel the same way as I do, but I really had one of the happiest moments of my life on stage last night.  The experience was absolutely overwhelming and moving. I'm writing because I wasn't able to say thank you in any other way.  

July - Aix-en-Provence Festival

Jean Michel Badiez
I was in the Grand Theatre de Provence on july 23th (2011, Debussy/Shostakovitch Concert) I do think it was one of the best, probably the best concert I ever heard in my life (I'm 64!). What a music! What musicians!! It was two hours of powerfull joy and happiness to see, to hear, to feel, to live such a marvelous show of professional and artistic achievement. Many thanks for that! I was unable at the end, to shoot as much "bravos" as I meant, due to my throat crushed by emotion, so : BRAVO! THANK YOU!!! Thank you for this outstanding professional level. Thank you to Maestro Valeri Gerguiev Thank you to Roman Simovic.Thank you to each of you.

Fri 17 Jun - Under-5s lunchtime concert at LSO St Luke's

Susie Child
I thought the Under 5s concert was fantastic. The presenter was full of energy and understood how to deal with the kids and engage them. The story was creative and brought the different instruments in well. 

Myanah Saunders
We both absolutely loved it. My 3 year old grandaughter hasn't stopped talking about it. 

Tue 14 & Thu 16 Jun – Bernard Haitink/Maria Joao Pires

Brian Ash
Last nights LSO concert at the Barbican 14.06.2011 confirmed that Maestro Haitink is the greatest living conductor to interpret Bruckner's symphonies. It also proved that the LSO are second to none, as again they provided a scintillating performance.
Is their any chance of further Bruckner symphonies, or perhaps a cycle with the LSO and Bernard Haitink?

Sun 5 Jun 2011 - Bernstein Candide

Mike Palmer
I came to Candide on 5th June and enjoyed myself a lot. With the overture taken at a fair pace (setting the tone) I was both bemused and in awe of the 3rd (?) percussionist in the overture who was clearly doing the job of two. He was moving between three sets of music, with either a triangle beater or sticks in his mouth as he played the glocekenspiel, xlyphone, triangle and symbols...Really impressive stuff.

Jean Cardy
I loved Candide.  It was fun; there was some lovely singing and a real feeling for the original.  

Catherine Blackmore
Hello – just wanted to thank you for providing me such a joyful experience with Sunday's (5.6.11) performance of Candide. Such a joy to be able to see Bernstein's loveable piece performed with such comic aplomb (as well as skill of course!) and to see the orchestra, soloists, and chorus having so much fun with it. Their smiles and glee was infectious; meaning that even the dismal skies and rain that met us as we walked to the tube couldn’t dampen my spirits. 

David Ashby
I was going to praise but found so many things to applaud it would have taken a book! I defy anybody not to have enjoyed it.

Rachel and Laurence Cramp
Candide was my first date with my now-husband 11 years ago; it's 'our' piece - especially Make Our Garden Grow, which we chose for the signing of the register at our wedding. Last night's concert performance at the Barbican was stunning. The musicianship, energy, and obvious enjoyment of the performers shone through - particularly from our privileged position in the centre of the front row! To experience the LSO's performance, featuring some of the musicians who recorded the piece with Bernstein himself, was just wonderful. Thank you for an unforgettable evening.

Sat 28 May 2011 - LSO Discovery Family Concert

Lesley Aveline
The plan was to aquaint our grandaughter Emily with the orchestra and how it works as she started clarinette lessons about 6 months ago.  We came up to the morning workshops although she is quite shy about playing in public - she really enjoyed the improvisation, the second art session was a bonus which I didn't expect.  We had lunch then the concert which was a lot of fun. Everyone was very friendly and helpful Emily (and we)enjoyed it so much she wants to see you all again and so do we.

Corinna Klimek (translation from a blog in German. Read the original)
It was fun...At the beginning some children sat among the musicians of the London Symphony Orchestra...The concert continued with Stravinsky, Prokofiev and Bizet before the audience participation piece. Who had brought an instrument, played along, who had not, sung. Great fun it was for young and old. So you can get kids excited about classical music. A very successful event, which low admission charges made it really a family one.

This was a particularly good one.  As always great music choice but your presenter was brilliant and the concert was very interactive.  We can't wait to come to the next one.

Brijitte Dreyfus
My chilren aged 4 and 7 loved the Sound Detectives concert! My husband and I were entertained just as much. It was so good for them to learn about the composers and the orchestra and the presenter was outstanding! 

Susan Hunt
We brought our granddaughters aged nearly 10 and nearly 8 and they very much enjoyed it. So we were delighted.

Simon Alexander
We all really enjoyed the event. We will probably come to the next one in October. In which case it will be 11 of us.

Viv Davies and family
Loved the last concert, presenter fantastic! Lots of music and not too much chat or complicated explanation / deconstruction of pieces which can sometimes get in the way of shortish  concert. Ultimately most effective use of concert for kids hearing great music played by full orchestra! 

J. Bachelor
My grandson (aged 9) and I enjoyed last Saturday's concert very much, especially as there was a lot of participation by the children in the audience...I think that Paul Rissman is an excellent presenter. Lastly, I have been bringing my various grandchildren to these family concerts for the past 10 years and we have found them to be very educational and enjoyable. Carry on the good work!

Kay Acott
We’ve been attending the LSO family concerts for about 2 years now and have to say that last weekend’s was fantastic and probably the best we’ve been too...Also, the kids loved all the audience participation bits, particularly as Paul positioned it as children vs. grown ups.  I think all the concerts are great events , which is why we always attend them and book tickets months in advance, but this one stood out and my children and friends’ children all agreed it was the best so far. Thank you!

Thu 12 & Sun 15 May 2011 - Valery Gergiev/Yefim Bronfman/Philip Cobb

Margareta Callersten Brunell
Thank you for a wonderful concert, we did enjoy Thursday´s concert 12th May with Valery Gergiev, Yefim Bronfman, Philip Cobb and LSO. And thank you for sending us some reviews.
We went to London from Sweden just for the concert, after having seen Gergiev on TV in March. It was really worth the trip there, and we had some nice days besides the concert.

Bob Robertson
I listened to a world class performance of Russian music last night--Valery Gegiev, LSO and wonderful soloists. Thank you very was a terrific night.

Thu 5 May 2011 François-Xavier Roth/Wayne Marshall/Neil Percy/Tim Garland

Beccy Byrne
We had a brilliant time at the concert on the 5th May (Gershwin etc). I took 38 boys ranging from the ages of 14-16 from Finchley Catholic High School and they loved it. I was absolutely blown away by the brass section that night, what a talented bunch they are. The percussion section and Neil were incredible. The boys thought Wayne Marshall was fabulous and really enjoyed his impro sections during the Gershwin piece. Instead of writing a review of the concert myself, I decided to ask all of the boys to write a review for their homework. I will send the best ones in for you.

Roselyne Prescott
Thank you very much for this email. What a brilliant idea to send these reviews! I was very happy to read them and I can tell you that we really enjoyed the concert.

Thu 17 Apr 2011 - Kristjan Järvi/Vadim Gluzman

Brian Hayes
I thoroughly enjoyed the concert and agree with the press comments I have read.  It was good to see a conductor who wasn't afraid to show his personality and a soloist who seemed to wallow in the joyous music he was performing.  It was the LSO showing us how exciting such music can be.

Ioana Parry
The concert was brilliant, i forgot about everything else and concentrated only on music alone. indeed, Vadim Gluzman was memorable and the mariachi tunes: nostalgic, sad and fully of tears! Wonderful.

Kent Nystrom
I fully agree and endorse all the positive comments on this extra ordinary concert. I rank this performance on my top 3 list ( from the past 30 years) – the music, the soloist, the conductor (!!!) and last but not least ,  a well balanced orchestra with a delightful clang! Thank you!

Sun 3 Apr 2011 - Xian Zhang/Leila Josefowicz

I thought this a wonderful performance. 

Wed 23 & Thu 24 Mar 2011 - Valery Gergiev/Leonidas Kavakos

Jack Thompson
The Kavakos interpretation of the Shostakovitch violin concerto was...a marvel, some of the best playing I have ever heard anywhere. There is nothing left to say!

Sun 13 Mar 2011 - Sir Colin Davis/Jonathan Biss

Robin Self
As soon as Sir Colin started the symphony (Beethoven's 7th) I knew we were in for something extraordinary.  

Susan Chambers
Beethoven's 7th Symphony played by the LSO conducted by Sir Colin Davis was magnificent. Incredibly moving and beautifully played. My sons, aged 27 and 28, who accompanied me loved it. They are modern young men and usually go to Rock Concerts etc. I shall never forget the look my elder son gave me during the First Movement. A big sideways smile that said it all. Thank you Beethoven and the LSO for a fantastic evening. The lovely Beethoven 3rd Piano Concerto was beautifully played and much appreciated. 

Mon 7 Mar 2011 - Sir Simon Rattle

Anne Stoddart
This was a fantastic concert with the LSO playing so thrillingly for Simon Rattle.  It was also a splendid advertisement for a live occasiion. Everyone seemed to be swept away by the intensity of the performance.

Martin Woolley

This was an outstanding concert.

Kristiaan Helsen
Great concert - Bruckner is one my favorites - the orchestra was marvelous.

I agree with those critics who gave this concert 5 stars--it was one of the most exciting concerts I've been to and probably the first time that I enjoyed Bruckner. Loud? yes, but why not? The large tam tam was incredibly atmospheric and well controlled. 

Wed 2 & Thu 3 Mar 2011 - Valery Gergiev/Mario Brunello (2 Mar only)

Kathryn Al-Najjar
The concert on march 2nd was inspiring. Gergeiv and his total command of the music drew me in.The cellist was excellent-and, for me- educational. The Mahler was total immersion of the poetic kind. Thanks Maestro.

Catherine Blackmore
Just a quick note to express my thanks and indeed amazement at how enjoyable last night’s performance (3.3.11) of Mahler’s 9th symphony and the fragment if the 10th was. The power, emotional depth and subtle nuances drawn out of such a marvellous orchestra by Valery Gergiev made it a highly memorable experience. All that applause and ovations more than deserved; I hope the LSO and their exemplary conductor realise how happy they make people. Thank you to all involved.

Ellen Myrup
Thanks to the wonderful LSO much is possible and I congratulate them and their leader on their efforts last week. I shall however not order tickets again when G conducts Mahler...leave that to someone else please.

Dilys Rees
Gergiev, the LSO and Mahler's 9th Symphony - a Sublime performance.

Stefan Liban
I loved the Wednesday concert, in fact I loved it so much, I went again... on Thursday.  And, what a treat this was again.  The Mahler's 9th and particularly its ending does not get much better.  The Adagio in the 10th performed by the LSO under the amazing Valery Gergiev was in a class of its own.  

Professor Geoffrey Broadbent
I find Gergiev's Mahler so refreshing - after the far too hot-house-delicate Abbado - that I just wish he'd do the whole symphony. 

Sun 19 Feb 2011 - LSO Discovery Family Concert: In The Woods

Janet Stone
To the organisers of to-day's 'In The Woods'. Thank you for a superb experience. My grandchildren and I thoroughly enjoyed every part of the day as did the rest of the family who were all at the concert. My grand-daughter, Bethany, sat in the orchestra with her clarinet by very kind invitation of Philip Cobb, and 'tickled us pink' when she stood up with the orchestra for the applause! Thank you again.

Ursula Coles
What a brilliant afternoon of music & fun we had today at the LSO family concert. To see so many youngsters with their families participating and learning about the role of an orchestra and of the differing tones & sounds from each section was pure joy.  Thank you all so very much. 

Justine Mullick
The concert was wonderful. I took my 3 year old and 7 year old and both loved it. We've been to other concerts in this series and Rachel Leach is definitely the best presenter. She has an excellent understanding of how to keep the audience's attention. Thanks for a great afternoon's music.

Andrea Corbett
I attended the Family Perforance on Sat 19th Feb at the Barbican with my 7 year old son and just wanted to tell you how much we both enjoyed it. My son doesn't yet play an instrument but I hoped that this opportunity would introduce him to live music and inspire him - and it did that and more. It was exciting and entertaining and educational and just the right length for children. Thank you so much. We will be telling everyone about our experience and of cousre making a return visit.

Mrs Yvonne Fung
As a family, we had a wonderful and very memorable time at the "In the woods" concert. My husband came along with me and my daughter and unexpectly he thoroughly immersed himself in the workshops and pre-concert activities and ENJOYED himself !!! He couldn't believe that time can go so quickly. 

Linda E. Duffy
There wasn't a bored child in the house! My 7 year old loved singing the Hungry Wolf and enjoyed hearing how the sounds made up the story. Letting the little girl conduct the orchestra was genius! Thank you for a great afternoon.

Thu 17 Feb 2011 - Harding/Jansen

David Beal
Daniel Harding is a wonderful conductor, and he and the LSO gave a marvelous performance. However,the highlight of the evening, for me, was the breathtaking interpretation of Brahms Violin Concerto by Janine Jansen. Truly superb.

Thu 10 Feb 2011 - Harding/Grimaud

Erika Frei
My concert loving friend and I thought it was a wonderful occasion from the LSO's electrifying performance of the two Strauss tone poems and their accompaniment to Helen Grimaud's playing of the Ravel piano concerto all under the excellent direction of Daniel Harding. Another memorable event at the Barbican for both of us!

Julian Leggett
I enjoyed the concert very much. I essentially came to hear the brass, but it was the principal oboe in Don Juan that blew me away. She was awesome!

Martin Woolley
Grimaud must be one of the most mesmerising pianists to listen to and to watch! Harding & the band made some fein Straussmusik.

Tue 18 & Sun 23 Jan 2011 - Gergiev/Khachatryan

Elizabeth Darling
The young Armenian violinist played the Schostakovich with such absorption that we in the audience became focused also.  Gergiev gave my husband and me a magical evening, with the LSO sensitive to his requirements and playing with the greatest subtlety.  Words fail to express the wonders of this performance of Tchaikovsky's 1st Symphony.  The fact that we want to hear the whole cycle perhaps illustrates the point adequately.

Claire Ferraro

Thank you for a wonderful concert on Sunday. I really enjoyed the Shostakovich in particular.  My friend and I got our tickets through FreeB and everything was so well organised and amazing considering they were free... so we are even more appreciative.   

Sarah Dixon
This was top of the range, especially the violin concerto.  Sergey Khachatryan reduced my brother and I to tears. Keep them coming!

Tim Moorey
A most enjoyable and stimulating concert which has me looking forward greatly to the rest of the Tchaikovsky series. This was an ideal concert for which a small overture would have been possible and valuable. A finish scheduled for 9.15 is rather short measure (even if the Bach encore took up a couple of minutes more). Thanks to all for a fine evening.

Sun 16 Jan 2011 Previn/Hugh

Peter Ludbrook
It was good to see Andre Previn back in charge of his old orchestra. 'Don Quixote' was terrific. Wonderfully played by the orchestra and a terrific performance from Tim Hughes. Previn revealed a wealth of detail by his acute ear for balance and clearly relished the humour of much of the writing. I don't think I've heard better sheep bleating!  The beautiful ending was most affecting. For me though the main draw was Vaughan Williams 5th Symphony....Sunday's performance was magnificent full of warmth, passion and a feel for the way the music needed to be shaped. Wonderful playing from all concerned but the rich tone of the strings really stood out. On this form a 'London' symphony from them would be pure heaven. Thank you.

Barry McCurdy
The concert was amazing, helped by the fact that in row D we could see every bead of perspiration on Tim Hugh's face as he put his all into the Strauss.  The Vaughan Williams was sublime. 

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