Video: Gerald Newson, double bass

Gerald Newson talks about his life in the LSO as he retires after 40 years

Players Emeritus

Listed below are former players who served with the LSO as Full Members for 20 years or more:

Principals Emeritus

30+ years
Warwick Hill Second Violin (38)
Robert Bourton Bassoon (37)*
Kurt-Hans Goedicke Timpani (36)**
Osian Ellis Harp (33)
Frank Mathison Bass Trombone (30)
Denis Wick Trombone (30)

20+ years
Francis Nolan Piccolo (24)
Paul Edmund-Davies Flute (20)

Members Emeritus

40+ years
Ray Northcott Percussion (41)

30+ years
Gerald Newson Double Bass (38)**
Neil Watson Co-Principal Second Violin (38)
Francis Saunders Cello (37)*
Ray Adams Sub-Principal Cello (36)*
Sir Clive Gillinson Cello & Managing Director (35)*
Richard Holttum Viola (35)
Peter Norriss Sub-Principal Viola (33)*
Robert Retallick Violin (33)
John Lawley Oboe (31)***

20+ years
Brian Clarke Viola (29)
Michael Humphrey Violin (29)
Stephen Rowlinson Violin (28)
William Brown Violin (27)*
Eric Crees Co-Principal Trombone (27)*
Thomas Swift Violin (27)
Keith Glossop Cello (23)
Robert Clark Violin (22)
Dennis Gaines Violin (22)*
Ian McDonough Sub-Principal Second Violin (22)
Martin Parry Flute (22)
Joyce Nixon Violin (22)*
Duff Burns Viola (21)
Nicholas Gethin Cello (21)
Rod McGrath Co-Principal Cello (20)*

*Served on the LSO Board of Directors
** Served as Vice Chairman of the LSO Board
*** Served as Chairman of the LSO Board

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