Moving Music


We are delighted to have recently completed our Moving Music fundraising campaign, having successfully raised a total of £9 million for the LSO Endowment Trust through the generous philanthropy of individuals and matched funding from Arts Council England.

Thanks to more than 350 people who have made generous donations to Moving Music over the past three years, we have raised a significant fund within the LSO Endowment Trust which will enable the LSO to undertake ground breaking new projects in the field of digital technology for years to come.

The Moving Music fund will support exciting digital innovations, to ensure the LSO is able to share its music in the farthest corners of the globe in the years ahead, and to develop new ways for audiences to engage with orchestral music.

Moving Music is the LSO’s most ambitious fundraising campaign to date, and we have been moved by the extraordinary support received from the many individuals and trusts that have made generous contributions.

To the supporters of this landmark initiative, I would like to offer my sincere personal thanks. The success of Moving Music heralds exciting times ahead for the LSO, and as valued supporters you are at the heart of the Orchestra’s future.

Thank you for helping to secure the brightest possible future for the LSO.

Kathryn McDowell

Kathryn McDowell CBE DL
Managing Director
1 August 2015