LSO Soundhub

A platform for emerging composers

Based at LSO St Luke’s, Soundhub provides a flexible environment where composers can explore, collaborate and experiment, with access to vital resources, support from industry professionals and LSO members and staff.

Soundhub is a composer-led resource, responding directly to the needs of those using it: a supportive framework for artists to try out new ideas, develop existing work and benefit from peer-to-peer networking and support.

The programme is open to UK-based composers and builds on the LSO’s ongoing investment in emerging talent, in particular through the Panufnik Composers Scheme.


Membership is split into two phases:

Phase I

Each year we accept up to four composers as Members who undertake an initial project at LSO St Luke’s either with a small group of LSO players, or an independent project for which space and other resources are provided. Each member is also allocated a mentor to support them as they develop their project.

The aim of Phase I is to provide members with an opportunity to explore and develop their practice. These projects do not necessarily need to result in a finished product and the focus should be on demonstrating learning and development through the creative process.

The LSO is currently reviewing this unique and important programmme and how it should continue beyond 2017. As a result we are not currently accepting new Soundhub applications.


Phase II

Two selected members are invited to work directly with an LSO chamber ensemble – either developing their Phase I project or embarking on a new project. On completion of their projects, all members automatically become Soundhub Associates.

Phase II Members: 
Oliver Leith
Lee Westwood



The Soundhub Community is also extended to a wider group of Associates, who along with the Members, benefit from access to Soundhub events at LSO St Luke’s, LSO rehearsals and concerts, plus occasional access to space and other resources. This year we have 84 Associate composers.

Yasmeen Ahmed
Robert Allan
Kim Ashton
Laurie Bamon
Joel Bell
Michael Betteridge
Darren Bloom
Maxim Boon
Elspeth Brooke
Alex Brusentsev
Richard Bullen
Ewan Campbell
Leo Chadburn
David Coonan
Tom Coult
Ninfea Cruttwell-Reade
Michael Cryne
Michael Cutting
Bushra El-Turk
Gregory Emfietzis
Daniel-Lewis Fardon
Diego Garcia
Ben Gaunt
Patrick Giguere
Vitalija Glovackyte
Pedro Faria Gomes
Cameron Graham
Benjamin Graves
Alex Groves
  Eloise Gynn
Robin Haigh
Richard Hames
Alex Hawkins
Joss Holden-Rea
Aaron Holloway-Nahum
Cevanne Horrocks-Hopayian
Dani Howard
Jordan Hunt
Alice Jeffreys
Rob Jones
Daniel Kidane
Michael Langemann
Chad Langford
Jae-Moon Lee
Luke Lewis
Igor Maia
Brian Mark
Chris McCormack
Camilo Mendez
Gareth Moorcraft
Daniel Moreira
Bethan Morgan-Williams
James Moriarty
Nicholas Moroz
Blair Mowat
Elizabeth Ogonek
  Laurence Osborn
Helen Papaioannou
Aaron Parker
Andra Patterson
James Pickering
Deborah Pritchard
Alastair Putt
Emma-Ruth Richards
Alex Roth
Roberto David Rusconi
Daniel Saleeb
Marisa Sharon Hartanto
Jack Sheen
Donghoon Shin
Neil Smith
Robert Szymanek
Michael Taplin
Piers Tattersall
Jacob Thompson-Bell
Laurence Tompkins
Philip Venables
James Welland
Richard Whalley
Ayanna Witter-Johnson
Jason Yarde
Toby Young
Na'ama Zisser


LSO Soundhub is generously supported by:

Esmee Fairbairn Foundation  

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