LSO Family Open Day: Your Stories

Thank you to everyone who took part in the creative writing workshop at the LSO Family Open Day on 30 October 2016. Here are the character back-stories that you helped to create:


The Three Friends

A landscape in the forest, in Asia
Glorious and beautiful
Full of flowers and a little bit of rain
There’s a road or a little path in the landscape where there is a tiny shop selling fruit and veg.
Emily runs the shop and she sells golden bananas!
The animals in the forest are a bit bored
Even though they’re graceful and peaceful and happy.
They bump into each other in Emily’s shop.
Each golden banana costs £105 in Emily’s shop
And there is a sign saying:
'When they’re gone, they’re gone!’
The last banana of all was the most expensive, it was £560.

On that very day they decided to be friends. 
Friends help. Friends are helpful and kind.
They share their toys, clean up the mess and put bananas into each other’s hands.
Emily talked to her boss called Mark.
He didn’t mind that the last banana had been bought.
The three happy friends peeled the skin and took a bite each. 
The lived together in the jungle until the day they moved to a city called London.
In London, they were very excited to see all the new things.
They used to go to the Natural History Museum to see the dinosaurs and the other animals. 
But they were always happy together on their days out. 


The Burglar

The best time of day to do burglary is the night because it is dark.
Everyone else is in bed and they can’t see you.
A burglar might be frightened of the dark but he would be determined to get around the room without waking anyone up. 
A burglar would be a burglar because they wanted to be rich.
They might be greedy or selfish or just poor.
But it isn’t fair, it is never fair.
Some burglars might be fair because they would share what they took. I would share it with everyone. 

If you were a burglar and got caught you might get really, really scared. And you might feel a bit silly.
When you’re scared you go to your mummy and daddy or hide behind the bed or a cushion or go to your room and close the door.
Or make a den and hide in it
Or sit with a cuddly toy and make scared noises.
A burglar needs to think about what they’re taking. 
They shouldn’t take phones or diamonds or necklaces.
To be a good burglar you’d have to be hard to catch
Be thin and slinky, fast and dodgy.
You’d have to wear all black and carry a big sack.


The Marvellous Opera Singer

She sounds high when she’s wearing her costume all sparkly and gold
A dress with lots of layers
A lovely ponytail with a sparkly red ribbon
She sings like ‘ahhh’ and her arms are out and her hands are wobbly.
She sings about how she loves the sun
She sings like Elsa from Frozen
She sings Hallelujah
She sings when she wants you to pass the salt or the pepper
She sings in the shower and silly songs on the train.

You might feel great because you’ll love it
Or you might feel shy because there would be loads of people watching
You’d start your opera with Once Upon A Time and sing all the way to Happily Ever After.
She sang beautifully at school when she was a little girl and her teacher told her to be an opera singer
She wants to be on stage and she really likes flowers
She will get lots of flowers thrown at her 
Like roses with the leaves and prickles still on
But she has a servant to take the prickles off.
She sits in her dressing room in front of her great big mirror with lights.
She gets her costume and her make-up and she looks BEAUTIFUL!