Spaces for Hire

 Jerwood Hall  

Jerwood Hall

The combination of careful external restoration and innovative interior design within LSO St Luke’s has created a distinctive central space that accommodates a broard spectrum of activity.


 CloreRoom set up for meeting  

Clore Rooms

These versatile rooms can be used with theatre- or boardroom-style seating and are also suitable for small rehearsals, workshops and breakout sessions.




The Café forms the heart of the reconstructed crypt and provides an ideal space for refreshments, buffet lunches or standing receptions, when used in conjunction with an event in the Jerwood Hall. The contemporary design creates a refreshing environment for meeting and socialising that can also be used for breakout sessions.


Make a Venue Hire Enquiry

To enquire about hiring LSO St Luke's please email us on [email protected], call the events team on +44 20 7566 2871 or fill in our enquiry form.

Please provide as much detail about your proposed event as possible, e.g. dates, times, type of event, proposed number of attendees, catering, technical, etc.

Please include your telephone number so we can call you back with any queries.