Guest post: Cinegi Arts&Film – All the world’s a… screen?

Cinegi Arts&Film is the new digital distribution platform that makes filmed theatre, music, dance, ballet and opera available to audiences in public screenings at all kinds of venues across the UK. The LSO has partnered with Cinegi to provide full-length concerts filmed at the Barbican Centre in London, helping us to bring our music to parts of the UK that we can't get to in person. In this post, Cinegi's Content Manager Paul Homer explains how it works.

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LSO Live's Latest Release: Remembering by Mark-Anthony Turnage

Listen to and watch the World premiere recording of Remembering, the powerful new work by Mark-Anthony Turnage's, out now on LSO Live. Jointly commissioned by the London Symphony Orchestra - with support from Susie Thomson - Stiftung Berliner Philharmoniker and Boston Symphony Orchestra, critics have called it one of Turnage best new orchestral works.

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Chris McCormack on the endlessly fascinating blurring of acoustic and electronic

On Saturday 27 May at LSO St Luke's, LSO Soundhub composers will be showcasing some of their new works – seven in all, by seven composers. In this blog, composer Chris McCormack, whose work Fields will be premiered at the concert, explains how he combines the worlds of acoustic, live and electronic and how the friction between them has created his unique soundworld.

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Happy 40th birthday Star Wars!

Forty years ago today, on 25 May 1977, a film was released in cinemas that would go on to become one of the most important and influencial films of all time – and not only in film making. For Star Wars marked a new era in large orchestral soundtracks and the start of a new era of recognition for the London Symphony Orchestra.

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Welcome to our new member, Niall Keatley

On 28 April we welcomed a new member to the Orchestra – third trumpet Niall Keatley. Regulars at LSO concerts might recognise his name and face as he has played frequently with the section for many years, so we're delighted that he is now a full member. We asked Niall to introduce himself.

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