faced with the new

The musicians on stage are all looking around wondering what they are supposed to be doing. No, it’s not because they have lost their places in some complex piece of contemporary music but because it’s break time and we are only an hour in to the session.

It seems as if we have only just got going, but in order to give everyone an uninterrupted half hour it means the timetable is a bit lopsided. But the players are given the nod and, except for a few percussionists fine-tuning the placement of their numerous bits of kit, they all walk backstage for a coffee.

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Day 2: Introduction

Day two of the Donatella Flick LSO Conducting Competition 2014 and it’s not the bright and crisp day we had yesterday.

What’s more, when I arrived through the drizzle at Milton Court one of the staff on duty took me for one of the conductor competitors. Serves me right for making a crack about their rather identikit fashion sense yesterday!

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The semi-finalists are...

The ten semi-finalists are:

Gabriel Bebeselea (Romania)
Jonathan Bloxham (UK)
Elim Chan (UK)
Mihhail Gerts (Estonia)
Rafal Janiak (Poland)
Giancarlo Rizzi (Italy)
Jiri Rozen (Czech Republic)
Azis Sadikovic (Austria)
Daniele Squeo (Italy)
Johannes Zurl (Germany)

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Meet our live blogger

Introducing the man behind the live blog: Toby Deller!

Toby is a freelance writer and musician and writes for several music magazines, including Classical Music Magazine, for which he interviewed the previous DFCC winner Alexandre Bloch as an introduction to this year’s competition. Some links to his other writing can be found on his website.

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now we wait

As the slow movement of Bartok’s Divertimento seeps to its silent close, day one of the 2014 Donatella Flick LSO Conducting Competition comes to an end.

Or at least the competitive part of it does, and 15 minutes earlier than scheduled due to the withdrawal of that one candidate.

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