First Violin Maxine Kwok: the end ~ the beginning

It’s ridiculous o’clock but I’m still buzzing in a way I haven’t for months. I’m on a post-concert high, the feeling of a drug pulsing in my blood that my body had long forgotten about.

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Toddlers + Zoom = Mayhem or Musical Magic?

Ben Thomson with a toy snake in his tuba

Pre-lockdown, the idea of scheduling an online meeting for 45 toddlers might have seemed questionable (to say the least)… But when it became clear in March that LSO Discovery would have to cut short their series of Shake, Rattle and Roll music sessions at LSO St Luke's, there was only one thing for it: jump feet first into the madness and find a way to bring the music sessions for under 5s into people's homes!

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First Violin Maxine Kwok: let the music play!

As I sit down and prepare to write this blog post I reflect on the past week I’ve had and what it’s taken to get to the point where we can work again.

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First Violin Maxine Kwok: on playing to an audience again

One of the surreal aspects of having been in lockdown was practising the violin with zero thought of any audience for the foreseeable future. I’ve never spent this amount of time with my violin without anyone actually getting to hear the fruits of my labour, be it for a lesson, chamber music or orchestral concerts.

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Keeping on trucking with St John Ambulance

When you find your usually busy truck and drivers at an an enforced standstill, what better thing to do than to offer your spare capacity to those on the frontlines.

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