LSO International Violin Festival: Behind the Scenes with Christian Tetzlaff

'I think what Beethoven as a piano player would love about the fiddle, and that shows throughout the string quartets, is a certain ability of singing that only the greatest piano players achieve, and that only with a lot of fantasy and make-believe. What he’s looking for in the concerto is an even more singing quality and a tenderness throughout the piece that is not a trademark of all of his pieces. You’d be surprised to see that most of my part is marked piano, and even pianissimo. For a violin concerto you would assume it would say: come on, go on stage and tell them how big and beautiful you are. So with the first big concerto of the literature, he’s going a very specific way which is not the way, let’s say, of Brahms and Tchaikovsky and many others. He is a very human soul in this piece.'

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LSO International Violin Festival: Meet Christian Tetzlaff

To continue the LSO International Violin Festival Christian Tetzlaff will perform Beethoven's sublime Violin Concerto. We find out more about him, and the concerto he has performed a staggering 280 times, in this blog.

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LSO International Violin Festival: Meet Nikolaj Znaider

The LSO International Violin Festival reaches its halfway point on 12 May with a performance of one of the peaks of the violin repertoire. We find out more about soloist Nikolaj Znaider and the Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto in this blog.

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BMW LSO Open Air Classics: practical tips

BMW LSO Open Air Classics, our free open air concert in Trafalgar Square, takes place on Sunday 21 May at 6.30pm. This will be our sixth annual event and is a fantastic opportunity to listen to the LSO, live and for free, in one of London's most iconic landmarks. 

If you're planning to come, here's a few practical tips which should help make everyone's evening run smoothly and be even more enjoyable.

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LSO International Violin Festival: Meet Isabelle Faust

The LSO International Violin Festival continues on 7 May, with a performance of Brahms’ great romantic Concerto. Soloist Isabelle Faust makes her LSO debut with this cornerstone of the violin repertoire; we find out more about her – and her instrument – in this blog.

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