Keting Sun's advice for the next four Soundhub members

With applications for LSO Soundhub 2019/20 closing at 1pm on Monday 1 July, we catch up with Keting Sun, who tells us about her year on the scheme, and gives her advice to those applying for next year.


keting blogWhat has been the most important lesson you have learnt during your year on LSO Soundhub?

LSO’s Soundhub Scheme has reinforced some important facets on collaborating, such as having an empathetic mindset at the outset, employing good communication to express ideas throughout development and lastly, swapping roles to gain perspectives and evaluate them from different angles. This process builds confidence and trust which pushes our efforts on. It’s as if we're working towards a wholeness, greater than the sum of its parts, which would have been difficult to achieve if we had remained locked within our silos of thought.

Can you describe your year on LSO Soundhub in three words?

Challenging, fulfilling, exciting.

How valuable do you think LSO Soundhub has been and will be to your career and future?

After Soundhub, I will be more confident to take on bigger challenges, especially in the field of dance or performance arts. The principles that collaborations between composers and artists are multidimensional. With what LSO Soundhub offered me in this scheme, I had an opportunity to work closely with a performance artist and explore my great interests in dance.

What advice would you give to the next four composers? 

Push the boundaries.

And what advice would you give to contemporary composers who are starting off their career?

Do what excites you.


Keting Sun's Ensō, devised through LSO Soundhub will be performed in part at a Free Friday Lunchtime Concert on Friday 19 July, and premiered in full on Saturday 20 July at the Soundhub Showcase: Phase I 2019.

Applications for the LSO Soundhub scheme 2019/20 are now closed.