Jamie Man: Outrenoir II: Appetitus

Discover Jamie Man, one of the four composers on the LSO Soundhub Scheme 2019, as she gives us an insight into her composition Outrenoir II: Appetitus (2019) ahead of its premiere on Saturday 20 July.

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When applying for opportunities like LSO Soundhub, I don’t think it's about making your ideas stand out, neither is it about writing the best application. The most you can do is to offer your dreams and allow them to find organisations with whom they resonate. Sometimes this can require travelling very far from home before coming back but it’s always our art which will lead us to the right people for our work.

Ben Zamora’s light sculpture became the figurative fourth member of the quartet in my LSO Soundhub composition, Outrenoir II. During our conversations, we realised that we first needed to build a language together, partly so others can understand what it is that we are imagining. And so, I devised a set of small-scale pieces, otherwise known as the Outrenoir Series to make this possible.



Ben’s sculptures are made of light-emitting objects which create pulses – like the initial attack of a musical note. After each 'attack', (a pulse of light in pitch-black), we saw afterimages; the bright shapes of light we see in our vision after looking at a light source. They captured our imagination, leading to further thoughts about the incredible qualities of the human eye, the power of eye contact and what it means to ‘see’. These were the same thoughts I had whilst looking into the black, light-reflecting Outrenoir canvases by Pierre Soulages which is why the series of experiments took on its name.

At LSO St Luke's, I worked through three workshops spread over nine months with emotionally intelligent musicians and production team. They were all highly talented and creative people and made the sessions very productive. Everyone, in their individual way has contributed to what the piece has become. It's now much richer than anything I could have imagined alone.

Working with LSO Soundhub this year gave me the opportunity to realise my work with Ben Zamora, which up until now had been a dream bound to the realm of words. I am hugely excited about the artistic world we have begun to unlock together and feel ready to take on larger forces. Like Mahler, creation is for me a fluid process where each work evolves from the one before and it's the compositional process itself that leads me through unexplored territory in search of new questions. I am very curious as to where beyond the great unknown this next piece will take me.

Jamie notes

Jamie Man
Jamie Man (London, 1987) is an artist whose work as a composer and conductor is primarily concerned with music, visual poetry, and mystery of the human existence. PLAY: Episodes in Subspace (2016) commissioned by the Gulbenkian Music Foundation (Lisbon) was the first of her operas created specifically for concert hall staging. Jamie was a Sound and Music embedded composer with The Mahogany Opera Group (London, 2013-15), and Artist-in-Residence at LOD Muziektheater (Ghent, 2018).


Jamie Man's piece Outrenoir II: Appetitus (2019), devised through LSO Soundhub, will be premiered on Saturday 20 July at the Soundhub Showcase: Phase I 2019.