What it takes to create music for theme parks

'Music has always been a critical component of our DNA at Walt Disney Imagineering. Music has the power to transcend language and drive the stories we tell throughout our parks to create life-long memorable experiences.'

The LSO’s connection to the Force has remained strong ever since those early recording sessions in 1977. More recently, we have thoroughly enjoyed re-recording John Williams’ iconic themes for adaptation into theme park attractions. Imagine our excitement, then, to be asked in 2018 to perform and record a brand-new theme for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge specially commissioned by Walt Disney Imagineering!

With the Maestro receiving his 25th Grammy this year for the Galaxy’s Edge Symphonic Suite as Best Instrumental Composition, we decided to take a closer look at the how the music for theme park attractions is created, and were thrilled to interview Matt Walker, head of the Walt Disney Imagineering Music Studio, and arranger/conductor William (Bill) Ross.

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A letter to the LSO from John Williams

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