Eyes down

I mentioned earlier that my vantage point today is in a balcony overlooking the stage at Milton Court.

It’s a lot closer to the action than I was yesterday so I’m seeing things in much more detail. (One reason why I may have underestimated the beard count in round one – I was too far away to see anything but the fuller kind.)

Of course, I can be in only one place at a time. The jury, however, are six in number. Today, as yesterday, they are sitting in different parts of the room: some are in the balcony behind the stage, facing the conductor; another is at the back of the stalls; another down the side. And they don’t stay in one place either, taking the chance to change viewing angles from time to time. It means that, between them, they get as rounded a view of the conductors as possible.

So if the conductors feel that they are being watched, it’s because they are! And by a film crew too. Tommy Pearson is here with his Red Ted Productions to make a short film about the competition that will be shown during the deliberations at the Barbican tomorrow. If you don’t make it along, it will be available for anyone to watch on the LSO website later in the week.

Observing from the Milton Court balcony