Put your ears to the test: can you pick out the Strad?

At the first The Strad Sunday of the LSO International Violin Festival on Sunday 12 April, The Strad held a fun, informal test at the Barbican of six demonstrationed by the LSO's very own Leader Roman Simovic. Out of the six violins, can you tell which one is the Strad? Have a go by listening to this recording.

In random order, these were: Simovic’s own 1709 Stradivarius; an 1850 Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume; a 1923 Giuseppe Fiorini; a contemporary Del Gesù copy by London-based maker Philip Ihle; a Mirecourt French trade violin c1900, worth around £1,000; and an 1835 A.S.P. Bernardel.

The audience, who were unaware which instrument was which, voted overwhelmingly in preference of the Stradivarius, with Ihle’s instrument coming second.

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