Celebrating our musicians in photography

The photography in our 2016/17 season brochure celebrates our musicians who have been members of the LSO for 20 years or more – there are more than you might think!

20+ members

From left to right:

Dominic Morgan (Principal Contra-bassoon): 22 years
Carmine Lauri (Co-Leader): 20 years
Nigel Broadbent (First Violin): 37 years
Claire Parfitt (First Violin): 28 years
Neil Percy (Principal Percussion): 26 years
David Jackson (Percussion): 20 years


Christine Pendrill (Principal Cor Anglais): 30 years
Lennox Mackenzie (Sub-Leader): 37 years
Matthew Gibson (Double Bass): 24 years
Colin Paris (Double Bass): 28 years
Jennie Brown (Cello): 34 years

20+ members

From left to right:

Edward Vanderspar (Principal Viola): 25 years
Harriet Rayfield (First Violin): 21 years
Andrew Marriner (Principal Clarinet): 30 years
Patrick Harrild (Principal Tuba): 29 years
Andrew Pollock (Second Violin): 31 years
Jonathan Lipton (Horn): 29 years


Matthew Gardner (Second Violin): 20 years
Sylvain Vasseur (First Violin): 24 years
Elizabeth Pigram (First Violin): 27 years
Noel Bradshaw (Cello): 34 years
Patrck Laurence (Double Bass): 34 years

Belinda and Hilary

Belinda McFarlane (Second Violin): 25 years
Hilary Jones (Cello): 24 years


20+ members

Not forgetting the admin staff!

Diana Salthouse (PA to the Managing Director): 28 years
Libby Rice (Archivist): 37 years
Sue Mallet (Director of Planning): 49 years

And there's more!

Not pictured:

Colin Renwick (First Violin): 38 years – our current longest serving member!
Jonathan Welch (Viola): 28 years
Tim Jones (Principal Horn): 26 years
Paul Robson (Second Violin): 25 years
Ian Rhodes (First Violin): 25 years
Robert Turner (Viola): 22 years
Bryn Lewis (Principal Harp): 22 years


Ginette Decuyper (First Violin): 22 years
Tim Hugh (Principal Cello): 21 years
Malcolm Johnston (Viola): 20 years
Rinat Ibragimov (Principal Double Bass): 20 years
Gerald Ruddock (Trumpet): 20 years
Laurent Quenelle (First Violin): 20 years
Alasdair Blayden (Cello): 20 years

LSO Discovery Scheme graduates

We are also extremely proud of the legacy of our community and education programme, LSO Discovery, which has been offering inspiring musical experiences to people of all ages and backgrounds for over 25 years. Nowhere is this more easily seen than in our very own orchestra! The musicians below have all become members of the LSO after participating in LSO Discovery's Young Talent schemes, the LSO Academy and String Experience:

Discovery Graduate Members

Iwona Musynska (Second Violin): String Experience
Naoko Keatley (Second Violin): String Experience; String Academy 2006
William Melvin (Second Violin): String Experience
Angela Barnes (Horn): Brass Academy 2004
Jani Pensola (Double Bass): String Experience


Tony Bedewi (Co-Principal Timpani): Percussion Academy 2005
Maxine Kwok-Adams (First Violin): String Experience
Joe Melvin (Double Bass): String Experience
Sarah Quinn (Sub-Principal Second Violin): String Experience
Rhys Watkins (First Violin): String Experience

Philip Cobb

Philip Cobb (Principal Trumpet): Brass Academy 2008


And there's more!

Not pictured:

Clare Duckworth (Sub-Principal First Violin): String Experience
Harriet Rayfield (First Violin): String Experience
Tom Norris (Co-Principal Second Violin): String Experience
Matthew Gardner (Second Violin): String Experience
Gillianne Haddow (Co-Principal Viola): String Experience
Minat Lyons (Co-Principal Cello): String Experience
Alexander Edmundson (Co-Principal Horn): Brass Academy 2012
Peter Moore (Co-Principal Trombone): Brass Academy 2012

Photos by Ranald Mackechnie

These wonderful photos were taken by Ranald Mackechnie, with whom we have been privileged to work for the last couple of seasons. Ranald's work has included our full orchestra and administration photos, taken in LSO St Luke's in 2015, and the photo of Sir Simon Rattle and the Orchestra at the announcement of his Music Directorship in March 2015.

You might also recognise some of Ranald's other work...

The making of..

A few from behind the scenes of the photo shoot! We shot the musicians upstairs in the Barbican Centre's conference rooms after rehearsals in the hall. They were taken in small groups over a couple of sessions – getting everyone together at the same time can be very tricky indeed! Some excellent photoshop work by designer Kerry White of Friend Studio created the seemless photos that you see above.


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