Online concert: Khadambi's House, 22 October

Hello there, this is a short post to explain what’s happening on 22 October. Basically, Khadambi’s beautiful house is not big enough to accommodate you all for a concert, so we’re bringing it to your computers instead, via YouTube and Facebook! It’s a first of its kind for the LSO, the National Trust, 575 Wandsworth Road, and for me.

The camera will be your eyes and ears as you journey through the house to discover LSO performers playing in different rooms. All the music I wrote was inspired by the house, sometimes by the very walls the musicians will stand next to.

The short concert will end with a live Q&A hosted by Rachel Leach at LSO St Luke’s where Tom Norris (LSO Co-Principal 2nd Violin) and I will answer anything you want to put to us via Twitter, YouTube or Facebook.

So, if you want to watch the concert’s online broadcast and join the live conversation, tune in at 6pm BST, Saturday 22 October.

Here’s how:

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We start the music in the kitchen, because that’s where I was first introduced to the patron of this residency – and Khadambi’s partner – Susie Thomson. Before she took me on a tour of the house we sat and chatted over some sweets, so that’s where I wanted you to start too (though you’ll have to provide your own sweets, I’m afraid).

You’ll probably hear the creaks of our footsteps on the stairs, and other ‘live’ elements of the house’s own music. This premiere was achieved with a great effort by all – from the strength required to carry the camera; the courage of the performers to present new music without any rehearsal; to the patience of those who had to keep a local cat from scratching the furniture.

Khadambis Hse filming 500

I enjoyed arranging some pieces I’ve been working on across the residency – such as Cave Painting, which found the resonant pitches of Khadambi’s study by reciting his poetry and recording the feedback. For the new pieces I wrote last month, I’ve tried expressing the humorous animals in Khadambi’s friezes, for example the stubborn donkey who refuses to be be moved by the villagers.

Khadambis Hse donkey 500

I’m already planning how this will all be expanded, developed and refined into a final concert in February – which you are all welcome to attend in physical form. Meanwhile, I’m curious to see how this new virtual venture will work out.

Just to repeat myself: on Saturday 22 October there is a one-off, world-wide opportunity to see my music inspired by Khadambi’s House, performed by LSO players in an intimate concert in his house. Wherever you have access to YouTube or Facebook you can watch it online, and live-tweet or ‘comment’ with questions to ask to our faces immediately after the concert.

I’ll put the programme below, and see you soon!


Cave Painting (part 1)
Walls & Ways
Inkwells (world premiere)
Stubborn Donkey (world premiere)
Cave Painting (part 2)
The Swallow
Bird Dance (world premiere)

Cevanne Horrocks-Hopayian

Tom Norris (violin)
Anna Bastow (viola)
Ausias Garrigos-Morant (Bb & bass clarinet)
Ziazan Horrocks-Hopayian (soprano)

Filmed, recorded and edited by
Chris Rogers
Ciaran Smith
Henry Dewar

The Composer-in-Residence scheme at Khadambi’s House is an LSO Soundhub project. Generous support has been provided by Khadambi Asalache’s partner, Susie Thomson. We are also grateful to the National Trust, a partner in this project.

Project managers
Claire Mattison (LSO)
Hannah Preston (LSO)
Laura Cooper (National Trust)
Laura Hussey (National Trust) 

Find out more about composer Cevanne Horrocks-Hopayian's residency at the National Trust property 575 Wandsworth Road, the former home of the late Kenyan-born poet, novelist, philosopher of mathematics and British civil servant, Khadambi Asalache.