Obituary: Jack Steadman (1920–2014)

First Violin (1947–1981)

The LSO was saddened to hear of the death of former violinist, Jack Steadman, on 3 September 2014 in Cornwall.

Jack was a Member of the London Symphony Orchestra for 34 years from 1947 until 1981. After joining the LSO he was soon voted onto the Board of Directors and at the age of 39 years became Chairman, a post he held for several years.

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Obituary: Richard Taylor (1930–2014)

Co-Principal Flute (1957–1983)

The LSO is sad to hear that flautist Richard Taylor has passed away. Richard died peacefully in St Barnabas House Hospice in Worthing on Monday 11 August 2014. He was a member of the LSO from 1957 to 1983 and was Co-Principal Flute from 1972 to 1983.

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Obituary: Roger Lord (1924–2014)

Principal Oboe (1953–1986)

The LSO is sad to hear of the death of former Principal Oboe Roger Lord on Thursday 19 June 2014. He had recently celebrated his 90th birthday and until then had been in very good health and enjoying life to the full.

Roger joined the LSO in 1953 as Principal Oboe. He was part of the famous resignation of Principals in 1955* but happily was persuaded to re-apply for his membership. He retired to Dorset in 1986, but remained an Associate Member until 1988.

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Obituary: Rod Franks (1956–2014)

Principal Trumpet (1988–2013)

The London Symphony Orchestra is deeply saddened to learn of the death of Roderick (Rod) Franks – a member of the LSO’s trumpet section since 1988 – following a serious car accident in Nottinghamshire on Sunday 20 July 2014.

Having celebrated 25 years' service last year, 23 of which as Principal Trumpet, Rod had recently requested to step down from his Principal position but to continue playing with the Orchestra. Rod had been beset by health issues for over ten years but would never allow them to compromise his supreme professionalism. Hugely respected and immensely popular with members of the Orchestra, conductors and audience alike, Rod will be missed for his ever-welcoming friendliness and brilliant playing.

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Obituary: Douglas Cummings (1947–2014)

Principal Cello (1969–1993)

The LSO is sad to hear of the death of former Principal Cello Douglas Cummings on Wednesday 14 May 2014.

Dougie was 22 when he joined the LSO as Principal Cello in 1969, the youngest Principal the Orchestra had appointed to that date. He left the Orchestra in 1993 to follow a teaching career. He served on the Board of Directors from 1979–82. Following a brain haemorrhage in 1982, Dougie was the subject of one of a series of four TV programmes, 'Life of an Orchestra', which was broadcast on BBC1.

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