The Damnation of Faust – Sunday Times

The rafters were truly — sorry — Rattled.
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2017/18 season opening concert – Sunday Times

This brief, vigorous piece [Birtwistle Violin Concerto], its orchestration jewelled with an array of tuned percussion, demonstrated the mastery of the doyen of British composers: still cutting-edge, even if he now revels in melodic flights of fancy, ideally suited to Tetzlaff’s rapt, expansive style.
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The Damnation of Faust – The Observer

When Rattle turned to conduct the young Tiffin singers in the auditorium, the audience saw what the orchestra and chorus see all the time – Sir Simon at work, directing operations with coaxing, smiling assurance, using his special gift to make every performer feel their contribution is vital.
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Stravinsky ballets – The Observer

Petrushka fizzed like a good champagne, while Rite of Spring exhausted us with its primal violence. Rattle conducted from memory throughout.
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Stravinsky ballets – Classical Source

Cumulatively, there was plenty to stun, plenty of elemental drama, every department of the LSO excelling, the coloration vivid, inevitable, terrifying, snarling, the processional, assault and climaxes relentless.
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