Dvořák & Suk – Seen and Heard

 The gossamer strings of the Andante took on a special, consolatory meaning, the LSO strings’ sheen a glory in and of itself. A beautiful, slow outpouring, it includes nevertheless a figure that holds, at first pass, an echo of that grotesque element before its edges are blunted and it is absorbed by the surrounding calm. 

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Janáček & Dvořák - The Arts Desk

Kazushi Ono... provided the ideal security for orchestral playing and stunning singing to fly... There's never a dull moment with Janáček, the supreme oddball genius.
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BBC Proms 2019: Koechlin, Varèse & Walton – MusicOMH

It was an exemplary performance, again, with timbre and dynamic to the fore, with the orchestra negotiating Varèse’s fiendishly entangled counterpoint and giddy changes of instrumentation.
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Pictures at an Exhibition – Bachtrack

This was a fearless piece of conducting, Altinoglu daring the musicians to produce the most extreme pianissimi to set against the big tutti... He led [the orchestra] in glorious triumph, with enough firepower kept in reserve for a massive climax. 

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Edinburgh Festival 2019: Adams & Rachmaninov – The Scotsman

The London Symphony Orchestra musicians gave their all – lustrous strings in the desolate slow movement were especially memorable – in a performance that conjured all the ecstatic euphoria that the work is capable of. It was startling, gripping and unforgettable… Quite simply an exceptional evening of breathtaking music making.
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Brahms and Rachmaninov- Bachtrack

 Ax and Rattle finished things off with delightful capriciousness in the playful finale, Rattle evidently enjoying Ax’s rippling runs up the keyboard, and the orchestral players also enjoyed the lush, swaying Hungarian Dance tunes, finishing off a joyously affectionate rendition of this huge concerto.

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BBC Proms 2019: Koechlin, Varèse & Walton – Seen and Heard

In both these no doubt difficult works [Koechlin and Varèse] the playing of the LSO had extraordinary energy, finesse and obvious total confidence under Rattle’s inspirational leadership.
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Messiaen's Éclairs sur l’Au-Delà... – Bachtrack

In Rattle’s hands the divinity in this music comes from string playing that is unashamedly luxurious, dynamically pliant and deeply sensuous; paradise is here, and it is in our ears. 

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BBC Proms 2019: Koechlin, Varèse & Walton – Daily Telegraph

Together with the weighty, dignified recitation of the story from baritone Gerald Finley, the electrifying playing from the orchestra, and Rattle’s superb sense of timing, [the three choirs] made for a performance of dizzying excitement. Rarely has Belshazzar’s humbling by the Almighty seemed so satisfying.
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2019/20 Season Opening – The Guardian

Walton's First Symphony was superbly played and conducted – as was Colin Matthews' Violin Concerto, with [Leila] Josefowicz as the fiercely committed soloist.

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BBC Proms 2019: Koechlin, Varèse & Walton – The Guardian

At its best, Koechlin’s music is unlike any other of its time. It is also the kind of multilayered, quick-witted music in which Rattle and his orchestra excel.
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BBC Proms 2019: Koechlin, Varèse & Walton – The Times

Thanks to its vast cast, Amériques isn’t performed that often, even less so in this original version of 1921, and even more rarely with the scintillating flair of the London Symphony Orchestra and Sir Simon Rattle.
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BBC Proms 2019: Koechlin, Varèse & Walton – Classical Source

[Varèse Amériques] remains a testament to the recklessness of the creative spirit, Rattle urging the 140-strong LSO through to a peroration whose visceral onslaught remains jaw-dropping almost a century on.
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