Ravel at the BBC Proms – Classical Source

The rendering of Mother Goose (like Monteux, Rattle opted for the complete ballet version rather than the more usual five-movement Suite) was magnificent in its way, luminous and unhurried, packed with gorgeous solos and well-scrubbed textures
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Ravel at the BBC Proms – Opera Today

Rattle’s ability to shine a gentle light between the gossamer layers of Ravel’s orchestral scores, delicately illuminating the shifting tone colours, subtle melodic utterances and splashes of brightness was evident from the first few bars of the ‘Prélude’ to Ravel’s Ma M ère l’Oye, as the silky unfolding of the paired flutes and bassoon hinted at the wide span of the imaginative world which Rattle brought quietly but purposefully to life
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Mahler Symphony No 9 (Santander International Festival) – El País

Ahora, con la LSO, Rattle parece haber encontrado la orquesta ideal, menos pendiente de una tradición y más entregada a su concepto progresivo y vitalista.
[Translation] Now, with the LSO, Rattle seems to have found the ideal orchestra, less eager for a tradition and more delivered to its progressive and vitalist concept.
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Ravel at the BBC Proms – Broadway World

Under Rattle's baton, the orchestra's unorthodox usage of instrumental texture and reliance on jarring percussion - including a wind machine and a cheese grater - effuses fresh waves of mischief.
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Mahler Symphony no 9 (Santander International Festival) – Cultural Resuena

La rotundidad del sonido de los contrabajos y el finísimo sonido de los violines fue uno de los regalos de la noche. El viento, asimismo, fue excepcional. 
[translation]The roundness of the sound of the basses and the very fine sound of the violins was one of the gifts of the night. The wind, too, was exceptional.
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Ravel at the BBC Proms – Bachtrack

There was beauty from the outset as the orchestra spun Ravel’s Prélude out of clouds and memory, and the controlled delicacy of the virtuosic playing was a miracle of sostenuto.
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Bernstein, Dvorák & Janácek (Edinburgh Festival) – Serenade Magazine

The most remarkable quality that Rattle and the LSO brought to this performance was a sense of athleticism and dexterity, particularly in their breath-taking renditions of the rapid, scurrying second movement, that made this piece a fitting finale to follow the Slavonic Dances.
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Mahler Symphony No 9 (Santander International Festival) – Bachtrack

Rattle vive con los músicos de la London Symphony un auténtico romance. Este se reflejó tanto en la milagrosa intensidad y perfección de la interpretación como en las mutuas muestras de gratitud y afecto al final.
[Translation] Rattle lives with the musicians of the London Symphony an authentic romance. This was reflected both in the miraculous intensity and perfection of the interpretation and in the mutual signs of gratitude and affection in the end.
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Mahler Symphony No 9 (Edinburgh Festival) – The Herald

The Mahler was astonishing. At its conclusion, he was indicating every individual note to the players, which did not seem fussy in the least. There, and earlier, the attention-grabbing quietness and concentration they brought to the music was utterly remarkable.
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Mahler Symphony No 9 (Santander International Festival) – Platea Magazine

Todos los instrumentistas en infinidad de pequeñas células solistas supieron estar a la altura –apenas soy capaz de recordar una solitaria nota dudosa- además de ser capaces de producir un sonido en piano de calidad indudable.
[Translation] All the instrumentalists in infinity of small solista cells knew to be to the height - I am hardly able to remember a solitary doubtful note - besides being able to produce a sound in piano of undoubted quality.
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Bernstein, Dvorák & Janácek (Edinburgh Festival) – The Herald

The LSO may be elite musicians but there is also always a crucial element of showbiz there
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Dvorák, Janácek & Ravel (Santander International Festival) – El País

El director francés François-Xavier Roth suele decir que la LSO es hoy la mejor orquesta francesa del mundo. Ayer en Santander pudimos comprobarlo.
[Translation] The French director François-Xavier Roth often says that the LSO is today the best French orchestra in the world. Yesterday in Santander we could verify it.
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Mahler Symphony No 9 (Edinburgh Festival) – Seen and Heard

This was a triumph for the conductor, and for his superbly gifted LSO musicians, and indeed for the 2018 Edinburgh International Festival. This was a concert about which many will be still talking in years to come.
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