Culture Mile

Culture Mile is the beating heart of London, a place where creativity is fast becoming the most valuable currency; a major destination for culture, creativity and learning in the Square Mile.

The City of London Corporation together with the Barbican, Guildhall School of Music & Drama, London Symphony Orchestra and the Museum of London, will be bringing the area to life with imaginative collaborations and exciting events.

Whether you’re with family, friends or flying solo, there’s something for everyone. And thanks to the new Crossrail Elizabeth line connections coming to Farringdon and Moorgate, the area is going to be more connected than ever.

This ambitious initiative will create and develop a vibrant cultural area encompassing the partners’ venues over the next ten to 15 years. Stretching just under a mile from Farringdon to Moorgate, Culture Mile has creative exchange, cultural collaboration and learning at its core in an area where two thousand years of history collide with the world’s best in culture. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to regenerate the area, which includes three major building projects – the proposed Centre for Music, the new Museum of London at West Smithfield and major improvements to Beech Street.

Culture Mile is at the beginning of its journey and you will start to see some of the transformations from the weekend of 22 July onwards in the form of the Culture Mile Pop Ups programme. Immediate highlights include a commission from artist Morag Myerscough, a light installation by Playable City and Chomko & Rosier, and new community gardens. More plans will be announced in due course.

Full details of Culture Mile activities, pop-up installations and plans can be found on the website:

> Full Culture Mile launch press release (20 July 2017)


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