Joel Bell

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Joel is a composer, improvisation leader and electric guitarist. His work has been characterized by the eclectic array of musicians he has worked with, and by taking risks both in the compositional process and in real-time performance.

He has worked as a jazz guitarist, written notated and semi-notated scores for contemporary ensembles such as Piano Circus and DuoDort, for the Takemitsu Society, collaborated with contemporary film-makers (such as Joe Banks) and acted as an improvisation director on many projects. He has had works performed in festivals in England and Europe, most recently premiering/conducting a new work for the Atlas Ensemble/Nieuw ensemble at the Atlas Festival in Amsterdam. He has performed with Experimentalstudio SWR, Evan Parker, Richard Barrett, Seb Roachford, Tim Garland, Oren Marshall, Jan Hendricks, Sura Susso, Oliver Coates, Martin Butler, Byron Wallen, Joji Hirota, Mark Hanslip, Frøy Aagre and is a regular member of contemporary/improvisation ensemble Notes Inégales.

His work have been performed by, among others:
Nieuw Ensemble/Atlas Ensemble
Birmingham Contemporary Music Group
Liam Noble
Tim Garland
Piano Circus
Notes Inégales
Southbank Sinfonia
Juliet Frasier

After studying composition at Birmingham Conservatoire with John Mayer (composer and leader of Indo-Jazz Fusions), he moved to London to complete his PhD in impact points between composition and improvisation, under the supervision of Richard Barrett and Peter Wiegold.


...born - just like that

Performed by members of the Atlas Ensemble and the Nieuw Ensemble, as part of the Atlas Festival, Amsterdam 2012. On Buddha's birthday a spotted fawn is born - just like that Basho


Performed by the Bash-O Quartet with guest Christian Forshaw at the Vibe Bar.

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