The 2018 Candidates

Get to know our 20 candidates participating in this year's Donatella Flick Conducting Competition and find out what moves and motivates them - and how they feel about taking part! We'll be revealing a new candidate every day from Mondays to Fridays until the beginning of the competition on 20 November.

Bertie Baigent headshot croppedBertie Baigent


A Coding Smith headshot 300 x 300Alexander Colding Smith 


Chloe Dufresne 300 x 300 Chloé Dufresne


Valentin Egel headshot previewValentin Egel


Tom Goff headshot previewThomas Goff

Jordan Gudefin headshot tile Jordan Gudefin


Hermes Helfricht tile Hermes Helfricht


Alvin Ho tile2 Alvin Ho


Anton Holmer tile Anton Holmer


Jacob Joyce tile Jacob Joyce

Sandor Karolyi 300 x 300 Sándor Károlyi


headshot 300 x 300Maciej Kotarba


William Le Sage headshot 300 x 300 William Le Sage


Johanna Malangre 300 x 300Johanna Malangré


Felix Mildenberger 300 Felix Mildenberger

Harry Ogg tile Harry Ogg


Teddy Poll 300Teddy Poll


jack sheen 300
Jack Sheen


Chloé van Soeterstede tileChloé van Soeterstède


Katharina Wincor tile Katharina Wincor