The 2018 Competition

The 2018 competition will take place on 20–22 November 2018 at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama and Barbican Hall in London.

The competition is open to conductors aged 30 or under (as of 20 November 2018) who are citizens of the 28 countries having full membership of the European Union, plus those from Norway, Iceland, Lichtenstein and Switzerland.

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From the applications received, 20 conductors will be selected by a panel to enter Round 1; a Jury will select ten of these for Round 2. From these, three finalists will be chosen for the Final Round.

The Guildhall School Symphony Orchestra will be the orchestra for Rounds 1 and 2, taking place at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama. The Final will take place in the Barbican Hall with the London Symphony Orchestra.

Tickets can be purchased for the Final on 22 November, which this year will also give access to the preliminary rounds on 20 & 21 November. will also be live streaming the Final round on 22 November.


Congratulations to the 20 conductors who have been shortlisted to take part in this year's competition:

Maciej Kotarba, 27, Poland
Chloé van Soeterstède, 29, France
Jordan Gudefin, 29, France
Sándor Károlyi, 28, Switzerland/Austria
Pak Lok Alvin Ho, 25, UK
Anton Holmer, 27, Sweden
Felix Mildenberger, 28, Germany
Valentin Egel, 23, Germany
Hermes Helfricht, 26, Germany
Chloé Dufresne, 26, France
Thomas Goff, 25, UK
Jacob Joyce, 25, Germany
Johanna Malangré, 28, Germany
Katharina Wincor, 23, Austria
Teddy Poll, 29, Germany
Bertie Baigent, 23, UK
Alexander Colding Smith, 29, Denmark
Jack Sheen, 25, UK
William Le Sage, 28, France
Harry Ogg, 27, UK


Participants are asked to prepare all repertoire. For Rounds 1 and 2 they will be told their repertoire immediately before taking the stage. The three finalists’ repertoire and running order is drawn by lot at the end of Round 2.

Round 1
MOZART Symphony No 36 'Linz'
TCHAIKOVSKY Serenade for Strings
STRAVINSKY Danses Concertantes

Round 2
MENDELSSOHN Symphony No 4 'Italian'

Final Round
WAGNER Overture: Die Meistersinger 
PROKOFIEV Violin Concerto No 2 (soloist: Vadim Repin)
KODÁLY Dances of Galanta


Rounds 1 and 2
Lennox Mackenzie LSO Sub-Leader, Chairman of the Jury
Sian Edwards Conductor
Tadaaki Otaka Conductor
Christine Pendrill LSO Principal Cor Anglais
Vadim Repin Violinist
Yan Pascal Tortelier Conductor

Final Round
Lennox Mackenzie LSO Sub-Leader, Chairman of the Jury
Sian Edwards Conductor
Tadaaki Otaka Conductor
Christine Pendrill LSO Principal Cor Anglais
Vadim Repin Violinist
François-Xavier Roth Conductor and former Competition winner (2000)
Yan Pascal Tortelier Conductor


The winner is awarded £15,000 by Donatella Flick and will have the opportunity to become Assistant Conductor with the London Symphony Orchestra for up to one year.

During this time with the LSO the successful conductor will work with the LSO’s Principal and guest conductors on the preparation of concerts, often on the assessment of new scores, take part in the LSO’s education and outreach programme, LSO Discovery, accompany the orchestra on tour and, should the opportunity arise, conduct the LSO in concert.

Shortlist: Round 1

20 November 2018

The 20 conductors shortlisted for Round 1 of the 2018 competition are:

Maciej Kotarba
Chloé van Soeterstède
Jordan Gudefin
Sándor Károlyi
Pak Lok Alvin Ho
Anton Holmer
Felix Mildenberger
Valentin Egel
Hermes Helfricht
Chloé Dufresne
Thomas Goff
Jacob Joyce
Johanna Malangré
Katharina Wincor
Teddy Poll
Bertie Baigent
Alexander Colding Smith
Jack Sheen
William Le Sage
Harry Ogg


Round 2

21 November 2018

The 10 conductors, chosen at the end of Round 1 and who competed in Round 2 of the competition, are:



Final Round

22 November 2018

The three finalists, chosen at the end of Round 2, are: