Why you should be hosting a summer party this year

Whilst an office Christmas party is usually celebrated as the main event of the office social calendar, it’s becoming increasingly popular to also throw a summer event. British summers have the tradition of being indecisive on the weather front, but there are plenty of tangible benefits to having some fun in the sun …

Raising the mood
Jealousy rises to an all time high during the warmer season, as Instagram is suddenly filled with desirable holidays in distant lands, causing an office low; especially when coupled with the stuffiness of the morning commute! Having a summer party to look forward to will increase motivation and create a more positive office vibe as people eagerly await the chance to let their hair down and socialise with colleagues.

Improving office relationships
There is nothing quite like a party to get people to bond with each other. Excitement and a more relaxed setting (with possibly a little bit of help from a prosecco or two!) will make sure that conversations flow and friendships form. It allows people who may not have crossed paths in the office to get to know one another in addition to providing a substantial amount of gossip worthy stories for weeks to come.

Showing off (a little…)
It’s a great opportunity to invite clients and to show off everything you’ve achieved since the Christmas party. You can definitely make a summer party a bit of a show by adding a heavy floral display and a colourful food spread whilst having everyone dressed up in their finest attire. As the end of the financial year falls just before prime summer party season, companies also have a great opportunity to reward members of the team for the year’s successes and the targets they’ve reached.

Having fun
There is no harm in having a little bit of fun and as they say, a happy office is a productive office. Investing in a summer do is a great way to beat the summer lull and keep the team motivated long into the autumn.

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