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There are so many different people that keep the LSO going, and our transport and stage management team literally keep the Orchestra on the road. They work as a team to drive players' instruments around, making sure that they arrive at concert halls around the world bang on time. 

Nathan Budden, one of our Stage Manager and Truck Drivers, says:

'I’m big on Audiobooks while driving. I add them to my wishlist as I see ones I like, then when the time comes, I get the longest one. I’ve certainly got the time to get through them.'

Each week we'll add a new suggestion to this page. Remember to let us know if you read any of them! Keep us updated on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook using the hastag #AlwaysPlaying. 

Monday 20 April 

Time Traveller's Guides - Ian Mortimer

I listened to the three of these between about November last year and our tour to Germany and Luxembourg at the end of February. I listened to the Elizabethan England one driving from Barcelona to Frankfurt in January. I got through the whole Restoration Britain one in a day on my way back from Luxembourg in February. I really enjoy history. These three books are all written like a 'Lonely Planet' guide of what to do if you suddenly found yourself transported back in time to the relevant period. How does money work? How do you speak to those around you? Given there’s no maps, signposts, or a great many roads, how do you get from place to place?

Listen to the Time Traveller's Guide to Medieval England
> Listen to the Time Traveller's Guide to Restoration Britain 
> Listen to the Time Traveller's Guide to Elizabethan England

Monday 13 April 

Waging Heavy Peace: A Hippie Dream – Neil Young

I also listened to this one on the January tour on my way to Barcelona as we were going down through France.France is lovely to visit, but quite a lot of it isn’t very interesting to drive across. It’s lots of “Standard Dual Carriageway” through lots of flat countryside. I bought this as a 'real' book for an old flatmate when it was released as a Christmas present years ago. It’d been on my list for ages and something I’d always wanted to read. Given that I tend to have a lot of time on my hands while driving, I thought 'why not' and spent my Audible credit on it. I’m a huge fan of Neil Young’s music, but didn’t really know much about the man himself. He’s super intense as a person. He’s got the few things he’s really into, and he doesn’t give a toss about anything else. Surprisingly, those things are Model Trains (he even has patents on some designs for control systems), electric cars, old American cars and increasing the quality of the music that’s widely available. (He also started an online music service that had its own player, and had its own file type that were supposed to be studio quality. Unfortunately it wasn’t successful.) He’s a really interesting person and has been through some serious stuff over a lot of years, and has also had such a huge and varied creative output.

> Listen to the book

Monday 6 April 

Between the stops: The view of my life from the top of the Number 12 bus – Sandi Toksvig
I was listening to this when I had a few overnight drives to do on our January tours. This book was actually really helpful for those trips, because it’s written in a really conversational style. She uses the stops on the Number 12 bus from her house to BBC Broadcasting house to relate to stories and events from her life. It was, in a round-about way like having someone sat there telling you a story. It was really helpful in keeping the brain going when you’re driving through the night.

> Listen to the book 

Monday 30 March 

Iron Man: My journey through heaven and hell with Black Sabbath – Tony Iommi 
'I was listening to this in the leadup to our concert in Birmingham. I’ve been into metal music for a long time. Given Birmingham is where Tony Iommi and Black Sabbath are from, I thought the run up to that gig was a good time to listen to it. I also noticed that the bridge over the canal just outside Symphony Hall on Broad Street is actually called 'Black Sabbath Bridge'!' - Nathan Budden

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