+ Ex-Easter Island Head

Sun 24 May 2015 7.30pm - 10.00pm
Jerwood Hall, LSO St Luke's, London

Tickets: £15

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Produced by Barbican in association with Arctic Circle

A double bill of musicians renowned for manipulating your expectations as much as they do their instruments; creating hypnotic minimalist music from simple arrays of strings, percussion and even just vocals.

Colleen mixes acoustic instruments with electronic sampling techniques to create rhythmic, lyrical folk-pop songs. Her new album Captain of None will focus on a melodic repertoire, with fast-paced tracks rooted by prominent bass lines and her instruments of choice, the treble viola da gamba and her voice.

Liverpool based Ex-Easter Island Head turn the electric guitar on its head, to compose physical, droning soundscapes. Their first three records saw them treating the guitar as a percussion instrument, and in their most recent their ensemble of twelve guitarists builds rhythms and patterns, crossing from punk to classical in one movement.