Bruckner Symphony No 9


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Thu 1 Jun 2017 7.30pm - 9.30pm
Barbican Hall, London

BEETHOVEN Piano Concerto No 3
BRUCKNER Symphony No 9

Bernard Haitink conductor
Mitsuko Uchida piano
London Symphony Orchestra

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Bernard Haitink conducts the last of a series of three concerts, featuring famously unfinished works by two giants of the 19th century.

Beethoven had failed to prepare his Third Piano Concerto for a benefit concert April 1800, and the work was set aside. Even at its the premiere in 1803, the score at the cadenza was still only scattered with what looked like vague 'Egyptian hieroglyphs' (according to the page-turner), allowing the improvisatory skill of the composer to shape the work.

Bruckner, wishing to create his final masterpiece, slaved meticulously over his Symphony No 9 until the day he died. Due to constant revision of his earlier works, he left the Symphony with only three complete movements, and fragments of a finale. Yet from its solemn opening brass, to the intensity of the Scherzo, and the harmonious Adagio, the Ninth Symphony is a colossal work that – as the composer himself had hoped – stands as a pinnacle of achievement.