Dipper Malkin with Nick Hennessey

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Baroque at the Edge

Sun 6 Jan 2019 12.30pm - 2.00pm
Jerwood Hall, LSO St Luke's, London

John Dipper viola d'amore
Dave Malkin
guitar and vocals
Nick Hennessy storyteller

Tickets: £15 (£8 students £5 under-18s)

£0.60 online booking fee, £0.70 telephone booking fee per transaction - click here for more information on booking fees

Tickets go on sale Friday 31 August at 10am.

The unique combination of John Dipper’s 14-string viola d’amore, Dave Malkin’s finely honed guitar and remarkable vocals and storyteller Nick Hennessey’s passion for reinventing tradition visits the places where the sophistication of Purcell meets the soul of English folk.

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Imagine if Bach was a jazzman ...  Baroque at the Edge, the innovative no-rules festival returns for a second year to ask leading musicians from all backgrounds to take baroque music and see where it leads them. No programme notes, no lectures: all you need to know is how to listen.