Belle Chen / Tangram Double Bill


Guest Artists

Fri 25 Jan 2019 7.30pm - 9.30pm
Jerwood Hall, LSO St Luke's, London

Belle Chen programme:
Gare du Nord: Paris x Poulenc
Barcelona and Mompou
Midnight in Cervo
Pagi (Morning)
Shan and Shui (Mountain and Water)
Cancion to the Passing Train / Deja Vu
Spice Market in Istanbul

Tangram programme:
LIU TIESHAN & MAO YU Dance of the Yao Tribe 
ALEX HO Rituals and Resonances
DONG ZHOU Back to Heaven 
CHEN YI Memory
ALEX HO Tell them we were here

Belle Chen piano, sound design, electronics
Les Flaneurs
scent design

Tickets: £18, £15 (£12 concessions)
£0.60 online booking fee, £0.70 telephone booking fee per transaction - click here for more information on booking fees

Global Soundscapes – Belle Chen
The incomparable pianist Belle Chen performs a one-of-a-kind programme, integrating classical music, soundscapes, electronics, and improvisation to recreate locations from around the world. From the Mediterranean Sea, Istanbul, to Central Java in Indonesia, be transported by Belle’s genre-defying approach to the concert experience and her unique way of presenting classical music. The performance features scent design by perfumery collective Les Flâneurs, which is integrated into the performance to create a truly immersive, evocative, and interactive experience, transporting listeners to locations around the world through sound, music, and fragrance.

Tangram – New Chinese Music
Tangram is formed of four talented musicians, creating and performing new Chinese music. Daniel Shao (flute), Reylon Yount (yangqin), Beibei Wang (percussion), and Alex Ho (composition) have each woven different paths between Chinese and Western music. Through music, the artists question conventional conceptions of 'Chinese' and 'Western,' and open a window into the space that exists beyond those definitions.

Chinese Arts Now
This concert is presented as part of CAN Festival 2019. CAN Festival runs from 19 January 2019 to 2 February 2019 and celebrates the work of the best Chinese heritage artists working in the UK today, across theatre, music, live art, dance, film and more.