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Sat 10 Apr 2021 7.00pm - 8.30pm

Ryan Latimer Down at Black Delph
Clare Elton Around
Ruaidhrí Mannion I mbéal na toinne
Anselm McDonnell The Union is our God

Darren Bloom conductor
Clare Duckworth violin
Noel Bradshaw cello
Amanda Truelove cello
Colin Alexander cello
Joe Melvin double bass
Clare Findlater flute/piccolo/bass flute
Chris Richards clarinet
David Jackson percussion
Sam Walton percussion
Tom Ellis electric guitar
Bartosz Glowacki accordion


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Northern Ireland's parade culture, relationships and gatherings, murder ballads, the contour of waves on a quiet shore … The inspirations behind tonight's music are as varied as the experiences and voices of their creators.

Expect raw energy and utter tranquillity, exhilaration and pathos, and come with the curiosity to experience much more in between. This is never-before-heard music from composers of the here and now – how to listen and respond, only you can say.

These new works were conceived in October 2019 by composers on Phase I of LSO Discovery's Soundhub scheme, initially imagined for a first performance in June 2020. After 15 unprecedented months of development, change and discovery, we're delighted to share this music from Anselm McDonnell, Clare Elton, Ryan Latimer and Ruaidhrí Mannion for the very first time.

LSO Soundhub is generously supported by Susie Thomson and The Garrick Charitable Trust.