Wildcard Tickets

Experience the London Symphony Orchestra for less with Wildcard tickets for evening concerts at the Barbican.* 

For £10 or £15, plus £3 online booking fee, you are guaranteed entry to the concert but you won’t know your exact seat until the evening of the performance.

You could get lucky with a top price seat in the stalls or circle, or slip in at the back of the balcony. That’s the chance you take to save.**

Wildcard tickets will be available each season on a first-come, first-served basis with further staggered releases.

How it works

  • Look for the Wildcard button on each event listing then select to book one or two tickets. Online booking only.
    There’s a limit of two tickets per person per concert. We cannot guarantee that two tickets purchased at the same time or individually will be seated next to each other.
  • Once purchased, a Wildcard ticket guarantees you entry, but your seat won’t be assigned until the evening of the concert.
  • On the night, go to the Barbican Box Office on the Stalls level (-1) to exchange your Wildcard ticket for a valid concert ticket.
  • Available Wildcards for a concert may rise in price from £10 to £15. Make sure you book early for the best price.

* Excluded LSO concerts: LSO Discovery Family Concerts, concerts at LSO St Luke's
** Top price seats are worth £60 (£65 from Sep 22); bottom price seats are worth £18

Generously supported by the Art Mentor Foundation Lucerne. 

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£3 online booking fee - click here for more information on booking fees

Online booking only. Tickets subject to availability, max two per person. Cannot guarantee that two tickets purchased at the same time will be seated next to each other. Wildcard tickets must be exchanged for a concert ticket at the stalls box office on the evening. No substitutions, exchanges or refunds within 24 hours of a concert. Cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts.