What to Expect

Ever wondered what to wear, when to clap, when to arrive? What to do if you're late, or whether you can leave your suitcase somewhere? You're not alone!

We want you to have a great evening with us, relax and enjoy the music, so here are answers to a few questions you might have.

What Covid measures are in place?

The Barbican and LSO St Luke's are following best practice to make sure the building is safe, so that you can enjoy the music. You can find out more here.

All visitors are encouraged to wear a face covering in both venues, unless exempt or under 12. The Government guidance remains for those who test positive to stay at home for at least five full days. If you are unable to use your tickets because you are unwell or have test positive for Covid-19, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in order to arrange a credit or swap.

Is there a dress code?

No, we don't have a dress code, other than for the people on stage! Please come as you feel comfortable – jeans and trainers are perfectly acceptable, but if you would like to dress more smartly, please do.

Can I bring my children?

We welcome children and young people to all LSO concerts, and you can get tickets for £5 for under-18s for concerts at the Barbican. If your children are under 12 you might prefer to bring them to one of our Family Concerts, which take place once a term at the Barbican. We also have a programme of events for families at LSO St Luke's, including Storytelling Concerts for Under-5s. These events are designed especially for children and are much more informal, shorter in length and usually have some element of participation.

What time do the doors open?

The majority of LSO concerts begin at 7pm, and the concert hall doors open around 30–40 mins before the start. The bars, cafes and restaurants will be open beforehand for you to come early for dinner or to meet friends. Please check the start time of your concert – some start earlier or later, especially at LSO St Luke's.

Can I buy a ticket on the door?

For our concerts at the Barbican, tickets should be booked online in advance, however you can book tickets online right up until the event start time. If there are any tickets available to buy on the door, you can get these from the Stalls box office on Level -1. The desk opens 90 minutes before the performance. We would always recommend booking in advance to make sure you get the seat you want, as some price bands are more popular than others.

Are there standby discounts on the night?

We do not sell tickets for our concerts at the Barbican at a discount on the night unless advertised as such. For LSO concerts at the Barbican, you can save on your tickets by booking £10/15 Wildcard tickets, or by making use of our multibuy offers or group discounts. Under-18s tickets for LSO concerts at the Barbican are £5, and are available for every concert. Students and young people can also get discounted tickets for selected concerts through Student Pulse or the Young Barbican scheme.

Concession prices at LSO St Luke's are for over-60s, students and the unemployed, and are advertised if available.

Can I queue for returns if a concert is sold out?

Yes you can come and queue at the box office, where we will sell any returned tickets on a 'first come, first served' basis. At the Barbican the queue usually forms to the right of the box office desk on the Stalls level (level minus one); at LSO St Luke's please queue at the main entrance. We do not sell returns at discounted prices.

What happens if I have lost my ticket?

If you have lost your ticket or it has not arrived by email, please come along to the Stalls box office desk at the Barbican (on Level -1) or main entrance desk at LSO St Luke's as early as you can, bringing your booking reference number with you. The staff will be able to reprint your ticket.

Can I pick up tickets that someone else has purchased?

Yes. If someone has purchased tickets on your behalf and will not be attending the concert to collect them themselves, the box office staff will ask you for some additional information about the booking in the absence of the credit card used – usually the booking reference number and the first line of the address used when booking the tickets.

Can I return or exchange my tickets?

If for any reason you are unable to use your tickets, we offer a flexible exchange service. Tickets can be exchanged for another LSO concert or Barbican credit vouchers valid for six months, provided that you inform the Box Office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and return any physical tickets at least 24 hours before the performance (two weeks for group bookings). A per ticket administration fee applies for all exchange services. Please see our FAQs page for further details.

Where is best to arrange to meet my friends?

Mobile phone reception can be patchy in the Barbican Centre, so we suggest arranging to meet on Level G (Ground floor). Benugo café next to the Lakeside Terrace is a good, visible place. At LSO St Luke's it's easiest to meet outside the main entrance.

Do you sell programmes?

Programmes for LSO concerts at the Barbican and BBC Radio 3 concerts at LSO St Luke's are free, please help yourself from the refreshment points on the foyers or on the doors as you enter the hall. You can also download and print your own copy of the programme from the Programme notes page and the concert pages on this site.

Is there somewhere to leave my suitcase?

The Barbican Centre has a free cloakroom which is located on the Stalls floor (Level -1) – we ask you to leave any bags larger than an A4 sheet of paper here as there's not much space in the hall. At LSO St Luke's, if you have large items to leave please ask to speak to a member of staff.

Will I be allowed into the concert if I'm late?

The stewards will allow you into the concert in a suitable break in the programme, for example, the end of a movement or after the overture, so that other audience members are not disturbed. On some occasions, there aren't any suitable breaks, so we ask that people remain outside the hall until the interval – there are screens on which you can watch the concert if this is the case.

What if my friends are late?

If you arrive on time but your friends are late we suggest that you go into the concert and leave their ticket for them to collect from the box office when they arrive. The box office remains open until the interval.

Can I bring my drink into the Hall?

At the Barbican we ask that people don't do this, as it can be distracting for others around you. Water in bottles is allowed. 

Drinks can be taken into the Barbican Hall for our early-evening Half Six Fix concerts.

Can I take photos?

We ask that you don't take photos of the Orchestra or musicians during the music since this can be distracting to them and other audience members, especially if the flash goes off. Please feel free to take photos before or after the music, e.g. during applause. If you're sharing them on social media, don't forget to tag us! @londonsymphony

We also ask you politely not to make audio or video recordings of the music as this is illegal, even if it is just for your own enjoyment.

How long is the interval?

Most concerts have 20-minute intervals, but there may be a few with shorter, longer or none at all. Please check the concert event page for details.

Are the queues for the toilets really long?

The Barbican is not too bad on this front – there are plenty of toilets available, but inevitably the Ladies' toilet does have a queue!

When should I clap?

A much-debated question! It is traditional in the UK to clap at the end of a piece of music, as opposed to after each movement (eg in a symphony or concerto). This is to help the music flow smoothly, or to set the scene for the following movement. Your programme should give you a clue as to how many movements there are. But often it's not so clear cut. It can be helpful to look at the conductor who will usually provide a signal that the piece has ended, or to follow others in the audience. We do of course love it when people express their delight at our performance, but if you feel uncomfortable and unsure about when to clap, it's generally best to wait for others to start.

Can I get the soloist's or conductor's autographs?

Sometimes artists sign copies of CDs on the foyer in the interval or after the concert – we try to let you know in advance if there is a signing taking place.

Are the bars and restaurants open after the concert?

Bonfire on Level 1 at the Barbican is open until 9pm Monday–Friday (closed Saturday & Sunday), and the Martini Bar on Level 1 is open til 10.30pm Monday–Saturday if you would like to stay for a drink afterwards. There is no café at LSO St Luke's.

Where is good around the Barbican and LSO St Luke's to eat and drink?

You can find some great restaurants and bars nearby, especially in the CityPoint tower near Moorgate tube station, and around Smithfield Market near Barbican tube station. Near LSO St Luke's there are some good restaurants on Old Street and Whitecross Street opposite the building. Not all are open at the weekend, so it's worth checking with individual restaurants beforehand.

Do you record or video concerts, and can I buy a copy?

Our record label LSO Live records selected concerts at the Barbican, which are then available to buy, stream and download. You will see this mentioned in the concert programme. Some concerts are recorded for broadcast on BBC Radio 3, which we will also state in the programme. The arts TV channel Mezzo (subscription, available throughout Europe) films selected concerts each season, and these will be available at a later date on some LSO platforms. We live stream selected concerts which can be watched for free on our YouTube channel – these are available on demand for 90 days.

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